Winter Wedding Scotland

Winter Wedding Scotland

We love a winter wedding video in Scotland. A Christmas wedding can fulfil some fantasies of a white wedding, for others it can fulfil the very practical need to find the right time to get the family together.

Winter Wedding Tips

Bear in mind, it is typically far drier in Scotland in the winter than the summer so while there is less light, what there is can look amazing. It may be worth considering making the time of the ceremony a bit earlier in the day. Often we see winter weddings in Scotland begin at 1pm, but as a tip if you really want time with the photographer perhaps even think about a 12.30 ceremony. It might just allow you to achieve those extra shots with your wedding photographer before the low winter sun dips below the horizon.

Winter Wedding Videos

This year we’ve truly become winter wedding video specialists. Not only do we stock to of the best low light cameras in the world, we have ample experience of these difficult shooting conditions. Many couples forget that video cameras have are far less light sensitive than the human eye. Far Less!! (In case you didn’t get it)

To become a night shooting videographer you really require the right combination of lights. Some small and portable, some with a larger output. When it’s dark, it can be pitch dark. We have several battery operated lights for outdoors photoshoots, filming guests enjoying fireworks or crafting our own ambience on a staircase or somewhere equally dramatic.

Our approach allows for flexibly while being able to capture footage in locations other videographers would have no choice but to give up – or make the picture so unwatchable you’d wish they hadn’t bothered. Even of Spring and Autumn weddings we can be face with difficult scenarios and perhaps the need to shoot after dark for effect.

‘Signature’ Night Shot

Frequently the zealous photographers like to do a ‘signature night shot’ or a few shots after dinner, and it would be a shame to miss the special atmosphere of a night shoot. It might be a little brisk but the photographer will have  closer to total control and can make the images as creative as they are. Using our own lights we actually have the greatest amount of control too, and the results can be stunning – perfect for finishing off one of our highlights films!

So here’s a selection of some our  winter wedding videos:

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