Top 10 things to ask wedding videographers


Here’s a short and sweet list of the top 10 things to ask wedding videographers. Most likely any wedding videographer shoots in a different style and with different equipment from the next. If you are considering a wedding videographer using a DSLR style of camera it is likely he work will be more cinematic and stylised. If your videographer is shooting your wedding on a traditional ENG-style camera (like they use for news) it typically presents a far more static, documentary style of wedding film.

A short and sweet list of the most important questions to ask your videographer.

  • 1. What kind of equipment do you use (include light and sound)?
  • 2. In what format will my final videos be (DVD, video, internet download)?
  • 3. Will there be a way to share it online?
  • 4. Have you worked ay my venue before?
  • 5. Can I be involved in the editing, special effects and music selection?
  • 6. What exactly do I get for the fee (how many numbers of hours of filming, number of extra copies or any raw footage)?
  • 7. How long does it take to edit?
  • 8. How much is the deposit to hold the date and what is the cancellation fee?
  • 9. Are references available?
  • 10. Who owns the copyright?

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