Ryan Blackwood

Ryan Blackwood is an award-winning wedding videographer as well as a BAFTA New Talent winning producer. He has shot and edited over 100 wedding films, making his mark with multiple VOWS award nominations and a Scottish Wedding Awards win in 2015. As a freelance camera operator and editor he has created video content for a range of leading international companies and broadcasters.

Age: 30
Education: 1st class BA (Hons) ‘Photography & Film’, Napier University
Hobbies?  Gardening, a bit of photography and rock climbing
Goals for your future? Film stunning international wedding films
Most memorable moment? anytime Oliver does something for the first time
How do you think your best friend would describe you? Hard working, happy chappie
What’s you worst attribute? I’ve been told I like to play devil’s advocate – but I just like a good discussion!
What would you list as your top priorities in life?
Having the time to craft a legacy of films, while having time to smell the roses with my family.
If you could pick any place to live, where would it be and why? Somewhere I can raise chickens and drink red wine at lunch.
While growing up, what was your dream job and why? Filmmaker, of course!
What are the three greatest qualities you think someone can possess? A good sense of humour goes a long way, good manners is a must – especially when working in a hectic environment like weddings – and a thirst for knowledge.