Jen O’Flaherty

Jen O’Flaherty is an accomplished wedding videographer, editor and colourist. A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Jen has worked with Butterfly Films since 2013 and with Jen’s eye for detail and artistic flair Butterfly Films has blossomed into an award-winning wedding supplier, always going above and beyond for our couples.

Age: 28
Education: BA (Hons) ‘Performance costume’, ECA
Hobbies: Jewellery-making, sewing and all things crafty
Goals for your future? The immediate future – to sleep more than 3 hors a night (Olly’s only 3 weeks old!)
What are your best attributes? My ability to laugh when everyone else is crying and put people at ease.
What are your worst? I’m a chronic worrier.
What would you list as your top priorities in life? Family, followed by tea
If you could pick any place to live, where would it be and why? Near my family, my mum is a great support for our family
While growing up, what was your dream job and why? Ballerina, then air hostess, then criminologist – I know – then artist, then costume designer, and now I’m here…
What are the three greatest qualities you think someone can possess? Banter-factor, kindness to others and a positive outlook on life.