Kat & Kelvin
Prestonfield House

Prestonfield House wedding film

Kat & Kelvin
Prestonfield House

Our Prestonfield House wedding film with Katherine & Kelvin was not only one of our only outdoor weddings of 2013 – but also our first Chinese celebration. We loved the pair of them, they are both so much fun and constantly driving each other to laugher. The morning began with Katherine watching a touching film Kelvin had made for her – 5 stars for effort kelvin! – but them we would say film is the most romantic medium….

The ceremony of our Prestonfield House wedding film took place in the grounds of the gorgeous and historic Prestonfield House on 1st June 1st 2013.

The beautiful Peacocks were a superb part of the day, squawking at all the right places throughout the humanist ceremony.

The guests quickly explored all the romantic corners of the house while enjoying a glass of champagne in, while Kat & Kelvin had a romantic stroll (with photographer and videographer in tow…)

The Prestonfield’s stables provided a decadent backdrop for the toasts and the dinner before Kat and Kelvin hit the dancefloor for a bit of ceilidh action.

Package: Diamond with Chinese Celebration
Cinematographers: Ryan Blackwood, Jen O’Flaherty

See something else you love in our Prestonfield House wedding film? Katherine and Kelvin’s wedding team included:

Venue: Prestonfield House
Band: Northern Star

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