Mansfield Traquair Wedding Videos – Official Videographer

Mansfield Traquair wedding videos

Mansfield Traquair Wedding Videos – Official Videographer

Here’s some of our wedding videos that we filmed at The Mansfield Traquair, without doubt one of our favourite venues in Edinburgh. It’s grandeur and spectacle make it a remarkable wedding venue right in the heart of Edinbrugh. We are very honoured to have Natalie & Kenny’s wedding film featured on the Mansfield Traquair official website and look forward to the next time we’re there!

These Mansfield Traquair wedding videos demonstrates the magnificence of the venue beautifully lit in the evening. The lighting really shows off the architecture and murals. Personally I like the white lights – it gives the venue and guests a warm, golden glow. Purple up lighters can make skin tones look funny on our videos.

So, some top tips:

The venue perhaps had the longest and most impressive aisle walk for the bride in the whole of Edinburgh. It’s a very special feature of our Mansfield wedding films!

I like it when Mansfield have the cake cut in the middle of the church. They used to do it off to the side, but in our later Mansfield Traquair wedding videos it looks far better!

They have a great dance floor – Perfect for a ceilidh so don’t forget to make the most of it!

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