Humanist Weddings Scotland

The personal touch of a humanist Weddings in Scotland can be beautiful and we've had to distinct pleasure of filming many couples 'tying the knot'. Scotland is one of only eight countries in the world where Humanist marriage ceremonies are legally conducted. We're very proud of the fact that Scotland has and open-mindedness and acceptance of doing things differently. With the Humanist Society Scotland couples can marry in a place special to them; up hills and mountains, by lochsides, on beaches in the Isles, on boats, in back gardens, and in wedding venues in spectacular locations across the land. The personal touch of a humanist wedding ceremony can be beautiful and we've had the distinct pleasure of filming many couples 'tying the knot' in this manner.

Humanist weddings in Scotland provide a unique, dignified and deeply personal type of ceremony. Couples chose to ‘go humanist’ because they want a ceremony that celebrates their love and commitment in a way that’s built around them and their lives, not around a system of beliefs they have outgrown. That’s why humanist celebrants spend a lot of time and effort with the couple beforehand, and write and agree a script for each wedding.

Couples are effectively free to marry wherever they choose and Humanist Society Scotland wedding ceremonies have taken place on beaches and mountains, in keeps and castles, grand hotels, social clubs and the gardens of people’s own homes. It is highly individual and a couple who have a specific and potentially unusual setting in mind should raise this with their celebrant early in their discussions.

Humanists look on marriage as an equal partnership and a serious commitment that involves mutual love, support and respect, and a humanist ceremony is a time when couples can declare all that they feel for each other in a way that feels right for them.

The couple are free to make all the important choices about location, readings, music and the wording of their promises to each other. The society now has over 100 (and growing) celebrants, so to find a wedding celebrant please click here.