Dundas Castle Wedding Videos

Dundas Castle Wedding Videos

As a Dundas Castle wedding videographer I have first-hand fallen in love with with stunning venue. It offers beautiful and historic castle for your ceremony as well as a grand house for your wedding reception. The staff at Dundas are second to none and the place runs like clockwork. All day. We’re yet to meet an couple who has had less than a perfect time at Dundas. It’s hard to tell what Dundas Castle wedding video is my favourite.

Dundas Castle, South Queensferry, Edinburgh, EH30 9SP

Dundas Castle wedding video – Story Film

Linsey & Vimal’s Story Film is a classic example of a wedding video package that we’ve created a bespoke wedding film – a 16 minute wedding video.

Dundas Castle wedding video – short

Linsey & Vimal’s short highlights film  is a short and sweet video that surmised the best bit or the wedding that was shot just outside of Edinburgh in 2016.

Dundas Castle wedding video – long highlights

David and Horrane’s short long highlights film is a good example of a wedding long highlights films that includes highlights from the ceremony in the Dundas Castle keep and speeches from the pavilion.

Dundas Castle wedding video – long highlights

Stephanie and Davids’s long highlights film features the best bits of any day at Dundas Castle – the castle’s keep, Dundas House’s sweeping staircase and of course the beautiful estate grounds.

Dundas Castle wedding video – short highlights

Stephanie and John’s short highlights film

Dundas Castle wedding video – short highlights

Kate and Anoop’s short highlights film

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