Dundas Castle wedding film – Katie & Anoop

Dundas Castle wedding film – Katie & Anoop

Katie and Anoop Joshi were married at Dundas Castle on Saturday 23rd June 2012. Katie began the day preparing in the Winter room with birdesmaids, Shona and Susan who did an excellent job of keeping her calm while Anoop prepared in the Dahlia room with the boys.

The ceremony took place in the Auld Keep and with the number of guests in attendance the ceremony was screened in other rooms of the Auld Keep to additional guests via a videolink provided by Billy Graham Videography. In spite of there being three videographers and two photographers you could never tell as we choreographed things to work as well as possible so we’re constancy not filming into each other.

Katie’s journey down the aisle was accompanied by ‘To Build a House’ by Elbow and as Anoop later said, she looked stunning. Senga Kemp conducted the humanist ceremony, while during the during the ceremony the children played in a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed room inn the main house.

During the service John Curran read ‘A lang Promise’ by Jackie Kay, Dinesh Joshi read ‘The Union’ by Robbert Fulghum and Kirsten Sungden read ‘The River’ by Caolo Anne Duffy. While the register was signed in the back room Chris and Ellen entertained guests with their rendition of ‘Blue Eyes’.

As a part of the private photoshoot katie and Anoop traveled to The Boathouse on the Loch, a short drive from the main house and a world away from the city. I really loved some of the photos Neil captured their – some of my favourites in a while – Katie and Anoop look so comfortable and it really shows.

Upon our return – as is tradition at Dundas Castle – Katie and Anoop were announced down the main staircase before the guests traveled to the pavilion where they were played in by an Indian Drummer.

Father of the bride Ronnie and groom Anoop were the customary first speech givers, while best men, Manish and Rajiv brought the right balance of groom embarrassment and laugher to Anoop and the room. Anoop’s toast to Katie was very touching as makes for a wonderful opener to the wedding film, I really love emotional men that wear their heart on thier sleeve. The love really shows, and what more do you want than that for your wedding film!

Katie and Anoop’s first dance was to ‘First Day of my Life’ by Bright Eyes.

Locations: Dundas Castle, South Queensferry Edinburgh, Lothian EH30 9SP

So what did Katie & Anoop think of our approach…

‘Thank you for doing such an amazing job with our wedding video. We will definitely be recommending you to all our friends and family.’

Cinematographers: Ryan Blackwood, Colt Montana
Editor: Ryan Blackwood
Venue: Dundas Castle, South Queensferry Edinburgh, Lothian EH30 9SP

See something else you love? Katie & Anoop’s wedding team included:

Celebrant: Senga Kemp (Humanist)
Photography: Neil Fordyce
Videolink: Billy Graham Videography
Make up:
Indian Drummer:
Wedding dress:
Groom’s outfit:
String Quartet: Allestri Strings (Caroline Marshall)
Linen: Prestige
Flowers: Roseparks
Cake: 3D cakes
Band: Red Hot Poker band

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