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Chinese Wedding Scotland – As a specialist wedding videographer working across Scotland we have experience with the unique Chinese blessing and customs that will make your Chinese wedding so unique. A Chinese-Scottish wedding could be an amazing Chinese destination wedding, or perhaps a hybrid with a traditional British white wedding.

We have filmed a several tea ceremonies as well as Chinese blessings with family members bestowing jewellery and other gifts. I love how unique each one can be and loved the little cultural details that are observed. We understand the day is about the joining of families and we never forget about those all important details! Whether you require are planning to pepper some Chinese ceremonial rituals in amongst your day or fully embrace it and make it a full Chinese Wedding, we can help.

Prestonfield House Wedding Video

Chinese Wedding Video

Kat & Kelvin – Our showpiece Chinese Wedding Video

In our most recent Chinese wedding video, Kat and Kelvin opted for a traditional wedding and a Chinese wedding and as a part of their wedding video package.

Kat is already on it and already nominated you guys (for the VOWS awards) and put you as our top nomination so fingers crossed you guys do win 🙂 Thanks for everything you guys have been brilliant.

If you’d like to speak with us further about a Chinese wedding video please do get in touch today to confirm availability.

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